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18.09.2012 04:30 GMT Section-1 update: François cooked Paul's P(17,169). Paul's replacement, P(17,161), equals Thierry's (=4th/5th) in the Overall Standings. Cornel has updated the awards PDF accordingly.
07.07.2012 16:00 GMT Section-1 updates: The cooks reported on 03.07 were invalid, so Nicolas' P(13,180) and P(14,188) have been reinstated. Standings updated.
03.07.2012 04:15 GMT Section-1 updates: Alexandre cooked Nicolas' P(13,180) and P(14,188). The Standings page has been updated accordingly.
Cornel should have an updated awards PDF soon.
30.06.2012 18:00 GMT The results of the 3rd TT have been posted!
Thank you for your participation and for making this tournament a very successful one! Congratulations to all participants and especially the winners Olivier Pucher, Arno Tüngler, Alexandre Leroux and François Labelle!
27.06.2012 02:20 GMT Section-1 correction: Olivier's P(12,166) is surpassed by Arno's P(11,171), so that record has been removed.
27.06.2012 00:20 GMT Section-1 updates: Arno cooked his own P(12,xx) through P(16,xx) entries, so... the prior per-unit records
by Olivier (3) and Nicolas (2) were restored, with Olivier holding the overall length record, P(16,198)
26.06.2012 00:01 GMT Section-2 update: Reinstated the PH(13,151) entry from Team: Alexandre+François.
Standings update: Updated the Per-Unit Records table to reflect composers' individual tallies.
25.06.2012 00:30 GMT Section-1 updates: Team Alexandre+François barely made the deadline with P(7,127) and P(8,136), plus two (2) non-records.

The tourney is now closed. Thanks to all for some entertaining problems! I will forward the compilation of candidates to Cornel within the hour.
25.06.2012 11:00 GMT Section-1 updates: Received (2) and (3) non-records, respectively, from Alfred and Team: Alexandre+François
Section-2 updates: Arno reached P(14,157); received (1) non-record from Team: Alexandre+François
23.06.2012 12:00 GMT Section-2 updates: Arno landed PH(14,144), then nudged it to PH(14,152) -- an overall best

Note: I will make one more update on Sun 24-Jun, and a final one on Mon 25-Jun. Then we'll begin compiling the award candidates.
20.06.2012 04:00 GMT Section-1 updates: Arno stretched the limits P(12,206), P(13,212), P(14,215), P(15,218) and overall best P(16,221)
18.06.2012 03:15 GMT Section-1 updates: Paul cooked his own P(6,64), hence withdrawn; Arno extended P(6,84), P(7,92), P(8,124) and P(9,154)
08.06.2012 15:30 GMT Section-1 updates: Paul overtook P(5,54) and P(6,64); Olivier upped P(12,166)
31.05.2012 09:00 GMT Section-1 updates: Olivier pushes to P(8,97) and P(9,109)
Section-2 updates: Team Alexandre+François extend to PH(4,45), PH(5,55), PH(7,85) and PH(8,97)
24.05.2012 08:00 GMT Section-1 update: Team: Jan+Ivan achieved P(15,89), a personal best
Section-2 updates: Team: Alexandre+François withdrew their PH(13,151), and replaced it with PH(13,148), PH(14,149), PH(15,150) and PH(16,151)
16.05.2012 06:15 GMT Section-1 update: Thierry sends his personal best P(17,161)
13.05.2012 09:30 GMT Section-1 update: Paul landed a P(17,169), a personal best
04.05.2012 05:00 GMT Section-1 updates: Olivier had to walk back his P(14,188) to P(14,182); Paul added P(17,161)
30.04.2012 04:30 GMT Section-1 updates: Olivier matched P(14,188), and expanded P(15,194)

Windows 32-bit users are encouraged to try a provisional version of Popeye (v4.60). Remember: this is not an official release. Any problems should be reported to Thomas Maeder ASAP.
29.04.2012 15:00 GMT Just one Section-1 update: Olivier's overall best P(16,198)
27.04.2012 09:30 GMT Section-1 updates: Paul set a personal best with P(16,166); Olivier increased P(10,133) and P(11,146), plus overall best P(15,190)
26.04.2012 04:50 GMT Yesterday we omitted another important record by Nicolas: P(5,48).

Section-1 updates for today: Olivier elevated both P(10,132) and P(11,138)
25.04.2012 05:15 GMT Big round of applause for Nicolas Dupont who, in his debut, has virtually rewritten the Section-1 stats!

Section-1 updates: Team: Alexandre+François and Nicolas equalled P(3,16) and topped P(4,33); Arno temporarily upped P(11,120), but...

Nicolas shattered nearly all prior Section-1 marks with P(6,62), P(7,78), P(8,92), P(9,107), P(11,130), P(12,165), P(13,180), and P(14,188)
23.04.2012 04:35 GMT Alot of Section-1 action today!

Section-1 updates: Arno elevated to P(9,101); Paul matched P(15,153); Olivier set new unit and overall bounds with P(12,142), P(13,150), P(14,164), P(15,175) and P(16,181)
22.04.2012 12:15 GMT Section-1 updates: Jean-Christian pushed to P(5,45); Paul produced P(16,156)
20.04.2012 04:15 GMT Section-1 updates: Team: Alexandre+François bumped unit limits with P(14,152), P(15,153) and P(16,154); Paul pushed the overall best to P(17,159)

Next update will be late Saturday.
17.04.2012 03:50 GMT Section-1 updates: Jean-Christian matched P(5,44); Paul landed a P(14,140), and an overall best of P(17,158)
Section-2 updates: Arno set new marks with PH(6,72), PH(7,83) and a personal best P(8,96); Itamar set a personal best of PH(12,138)
15.04.2012 16:40 GMT Section-1 updates: Thierry topped with P(5,44); Paul set a new overall best with P(17,157)
Section-2 updates: Arno established three new bounds: PH(5,53), PH(6,69) and personal best PH(8,87)

From Nicolas, to all participants: As pser-* and even phser-* are direct genres, the last move must be made by white, which is consistent with Popeye's treatment.
13.04.2012 16:55 GMT Section-1 updates: Jean-Christian set the bar at P(5,42); Paul found a P(17,150), a new personal best for him

Good news: Thomas Maeder writes that Popeye v4.61 should be available about one month prior to the TT3 deadline!  This should resolve some of the 'buggy' behavior, and performnce issues, reported by several TT3 participants.
12.04.2012 16:50 GMT Section-2 update: Arno equalled Hervé's PH(4,38)

From Nicolas, to all participants:

(1) For each N, the N+1 record must be higher than the N record, otherwise the N+1 square remains empty (on the STANDINGS page).

(2) Please keep your best matrices for each category, even if they are not records, as we will ask you to send them to the Director at the end of the tournament.  Indeed it may occur that, after the final results are published and thus cooking research opens to all solvers (not only participants), that some record entries are in fact unsound.  In such a case, the next-best bound will become the new record (if correct).
11.04.2012 00:20 GMT Section-1 updates: Alfred equalled P(3,16); Paul's P(16,159) was cooked and replaced by P(17,137), his new personal best; thus, Arno's P(17,153) is back on top overall
10.04.2012 00:40 GMT Just one section-1 update: Olivier topped the P(9,97) category

Note the Rule-10 change which now explicitly permits checking and checkmating final moves.
09.04.2012 00:45 GMT One update in each section today...

Section-1: Paul set a new overall best with P(16,159)
Section-2: Itamar bumped his PH(9,128) mark by 2 moves, and set a new personal best
08.04.2012 06:20 GMT Just one section-1 update: Paul matched Arno's P(14,136) mark, increasing his own personal best in the process
06.04.2012 04:30 GMT We proudly add Thierry Le Gleuher to the list of esteemed participants!

Section-1 updates: Thierry matched the P(3,16) max; Jean-Christian equalled Arno's P(5,40) mark
Section-2 updates: none for today
05.04.2012 04:00 GMT Emails have slowed down, so just one update for two days.

Section-1 updates: Ralf and Jean-Christian equalled the P(3,16) mark; Olivier set a new P(8,91) best
Section-2 updates: Itamar pushed the P(9,126) limit, setting his personal best in the process

For section-1, we realize that using Popeye to test longer problems "in parts" is sometimes not feasible. Be sure to indicate this if you encounter such testing difficulties.
03.04.2012 04:20 GMT Section-1 updates only today...

Frank equalled the P(3,16) mark
Arno set unit-bests with P(12,119), P(13,133), P(14,136), P(15,142), P(16,150), plus the overall best P(17,153)
Olivier's former P(13,120) and P(15,133) had to be reduced to P(13,105) and P(15,117) due to a short-cut he discovered

To all participants: If you produce a computer-generated "best" in either section, please indicate this with your entry. Then fellow composers will know that this theoretical max can only be equalled.
02.04.2012 03:15 GMT Another day, another half-dozen records broken!

Section-1 updates: Olivier pushed the limit to P(6,58)
Section-2 updates: Itamar equalled PH(3,23), only to have Team Alexandre+François leave the pack behind with PH(3,25); Itamar surged with PH(6,64) and PH(9,116); Team Alexandre+François now holds the overall best with PH(13,151)!

Please note that promoted force is OK in either section, so long as the diagram position is orthodox-legal.
01.04.2012 04:00 GMT The first week is now history. Round of applause for Team: Alexandre+François, a.k.a. Alexandre Leroux and François Labelle!

Section-1 updates: Göran matched Arno's P(3,16); both sit atop with P(4,29); Göran temporarily bested with P(5,39), until Arno's P(5,40) arrived
Section-2 updates: Itamar upped the antes with PH(7,79) and PH(9,114)

Corrected Arno's P(8,81) to P(8,79) in section-1
30.03.2012 04:20 GMT Day Five has come and gone, and the records are blooming. Welcome to Göran Wicklund, who made a "splash" with his first entry!

Section-1 updates: Göran piqued with P(4,28); Arno surged with P(8,81), P(9,94), P(10,106) and P(11,110); but... Olivier topped everyone with P(13,120) and then P(15,133)
Section-2 updates: Itamar pushed three bounds with P(6,58), P(7,73) and P(9,90).

Note: Next update will be in 48 hours. Also, TT3 emails will not receive replies till late Saturday.
29.03.2012 04:00 GMT Day Four is in the books. We welcome Paul Raican to the festivities!

Section-1 updates: Arno equalled P(4,26), as did Pascal with P(5,37); Arno set a new P(6,54) bar, as did Paul with P(13,81)
Section-2 updates: Hervé pushed to PH(4,38), and set a new mark at PH(5,46)
28.03.2012 08:55 GMT Olivier noted an incorrect sequence (per Rule 7) in his P(4,26), so that has been removed.
28.03.2012 06:08 GMT Corrections were made to News and Standings posted an hour ago.

Day Three is now history. Welcome to Team Jan+Ivan, better known as Ján Golha and Ivan Skoba!

NOTE: Rule 7 for Section 1 has been once again modified.  Our apologies!  We ask that participants carefully read it, as it might be helpful for establishing records in Section 1.

Section-1 updates: Olivier matched the P(4,26) mark; Arno broke more new ground with P(5,37)
Section-2 updates: Hervé and Team Jan+Ivan equalled the PH(3,23) mark; Hervé tied PH(4,37), and set a lofty PH(5,45)
27.03.2012 08:40 GMT Breakthrough problem from Arno: P(7,75)!
27.03.2012 02:15 GMT Second day also very active. Welcome to Ralf Krätschmer, Frank Müeller, Pascal Wassong and Alfred Pfeiffer!

Please note the Rule 7 change on the Introduction page!  Authors will be directly notified in the event an entry is disqualified.  Partipants will also receive confirmation of accepted entries.

New records set: Arno with P(3,16); Itamar and Pascal with P(4,26); Itamar with P(5,34); Olivier with P(8,51)
26.03.2012 05:15 GMT Very active first day of the tournament! Welcome to Hervé Touzin, Itamar Faybish, Arno Tüngler, Dominique Forlot, Olivier Pucher and Jean-Christian Galli!

Valid entries: Itamar: P(3,15), P(4,25), PH(3,22), PH(7,55) and PH(9,64) - he is also the first to enter the Section's 2 overall records ranking! Arno: an impressive PH (3,23). Dominique: P(4,23) (below the P(4,25) record). Olivier: P(3,15). Jean-Christian: P(3,15).
26.03.2012 04:00 GMT Several updates made to the introduction page. All participants should review!
25.03.2012 00:00 GMT Start of the tournament! Good luck to all participants!
First update on Monday, March 26.